Why a Blog? Well, these Little Trains just look Great

 I was hit by the train bug when my dad gave me my first model train set on my 7th birthday.  After playing around with the normal stuff for a while, I bumped into Narrow Gauge trains. Wow, how lovely these little buggers were!

… and still are. My current focus is 009 gauge, which are 1:76 scale trains running on 9 mm track, mimicking real life Narrow Gauge trains running on 60 cm or 2 feet track. Modelling in 009 is basically an English thing and most models available are based on English prototypes. The prototypes that I am interested in however, are the French and American ones … so I am giving myself a bit of a challenge to model these!

I am starting this blog to show my modelling efforts, but also to share information about the prototypes which strike my interest. I am looking forward to writing my posts and hope you will enjoy reading them!